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xAPI (also known as the Experience API or Tin Can API) is an industry API standard for Activity Providers to transmit results to a third-party LMS. The purpose of this feature is to allow our customers to take an Objective Result for a Session and transmit that result for the Participant to the LMS using xAPI.

Using our xAPI system is easy; there's two steps:

1) Create an xAPI configuration, to point our system to your Learning Management System.

2) Attach the configuration to an Objective. Results from this Objective will get sent to your Learning Management System.


Some terms you will see on this page:

  • LMS -- Learning Management System; An external source where statements will get sent to.

  • Objectives -- Our Objective system. An Objective is equivalent to an activity; View the documentation

  • Participant -- Person doing the activity/Objective. A Participant is equivalent to an actor; View the documentation

Creating an xAPI Configuration

An xAPI configuration is how our system knows where to send the Objective results. Organization Administrators can create xAPI configurations from the administration page. empty xAPI configuration page

Press Create xAPI Configuration, and the creation window will popup. xapi config creation window

There are a few fields you need to fill out:

  • Configuration Name: The name of your configuration. This will be used to attach your configuration to an Objective later.

  • xAPI Url: The URL endpoint that the xAPI statements will get sent to. This will be provided by your LMS.

  • xAPI Key: The xAPI Key that will be provided by your LMS.

  • xAPI Key Secret: The xAPI Key Secret that will be provided by your LMS.

  • Contact Email: If something goes wrong (for example, we can't reach your LMS), we will send alerts to this email.

Attaching a Configuration to an Objective

Once you create an xAPI configuration, you're able to attach it to as many Objectives as needed. This is done through the Objectives page. Choose the Objective you want to attach a configuration to:

objectives page - attaching an xapi config

Then press the Attach xAPI Configuration. You will see a drop-down showing you your configurations you've made.

attaching config to an objective

Once you attach the configuration, that's all you need to do. Results for this Objective will automatically be sent to your LMS system.


Participant ID's need to be a valid email address for the result to get sent to the LMS

Fixing xAPI Errors

If there is an error with your LMS, we will send an alert to the contact email provided in the xAPI configuration. If you go to the xAPI configuration page in the administration tab, you will see the status of each configuration.

config page

Two main errors are possible:

  • CANT_CONNECT -- We cannot connect to the URL you provided. Please double-check the URL and make sure your LMS is running and reachable.
  • SERVER_ERROR -- We can connect to the LMS, but it isn't accepting the statements. Please check that the API Key and API Key Secret are correct.

If you are still having issues, please contact us and we will investigate further.


All statements that have failed to send while there was an error with your LMS will be re-queued and sent to your LMS within 24 hours.