You can set user properties and device metadata via a simple API.

User ID

The User ID helps identify a user across multiple sessions, scenes, and apps.

Generally this should be set as a GUID or somehow tied to a login service your app may have.

c3d.userId = 'myUserId';

Additionally, you can set a UserName which is a friendly label that helps for sorting on our dashboard.

If no UserName is set, our backend will automatically generate a friendly label for each unique user session.

c3d.setUserName("John Smith");  // A friendly name to label this user session

User Properties

//User properties & metadata can be set using the following method: setUserProperty('property', 'value');
c3d.setUserProperty('Age', 21);
c3d.setUserProperty('SomeGroup', 'SomeValue');
c3d.setUserProperty('HairColor', 'Brown');

Device Properties

c3d.setDeviceProperty('AppName', 'myTestApp');

Other available properties:

  • AppName
  • AppVersion
  • AppEngine
  • AppEngineVersion
  • DeviceType
  • DeviceMemory
  • DeviceOS
  • DevicePlatform
  • DeviceCPU
  • DeviceCPUCores
  • DeviceCPUVendor
  • DeviceGPU
  • DeviceGPUDriver
  • DeviceGPUVendor
  • DeviceGPUMemory
  • DeviceScreenHeight
  • DeviceScreenWidth
  • VRModel
  • VRVendor