Code Reference


using CognitiveVR;


Recording a unique id for a user allows you to see how they experience multiple sessions, potentially across multiple devices.

This can be added at Initialization:


void Start()
    var UserProperties = new Dictionary<string,object>();
    CognitiveVR_Manager.Instance.Initialize("John Smith", UserProperties);

Or this can be added while your application is running:

//some function in your app when you know who has logged in
void OnPlayerLogIn(string UserName)
    CognitiveVR_Manager.UpdateUserState(new Dictionary<string, object> {
            { "PremiumUser", true },
            { "SignUpPromotionUsed", "FreeMonthTrial" }

Custom Events

For an explanation about Custom Events, refer to the Custom Events page.

new CognitiveVR.CustomEvent("Some Event Happened").Send();