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External Logging Plugin


This feature is supported in SDK version 1.5.2 and above.

Records essential logs, focusing specifically on crash and low memory events. This plugin captures these critical logs and provides detailed information for troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

Crash Logging

The Crash Logging captures crash-related logs on device to help identify the root cause of crashes. Sessions that experience crashes are tagged with a Crash label on the dashboard in the Session list and the individual Session.

Session tagged as a Crash

Each crash event is displayed in the Session Timeline, providing detailed information, including the stack trace.

Detailed view of a crash stack trace

Low Memory Logging

The Low Memory Logging monitors and logs low memory warnings. Sessions that experience low memory conditions are tagged with a LowMemory label on the dashboard.

Session tagged with LowMemory

Each low memory event is shown in the Session Timeline and includes a property indicating the memory level.

Detailed view of a low memory event

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