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Welcome to Cognitive3D's documentation portal

This portal contains documentation for our customer-facing dashboard, our Unity SDK, our Unreal Engine SDK, our C++ SDK, and our API.

Dashboard documentation

logo_256x256 Start here for documentation about our customer-facing dashboards available through our website. Note that you must have an account with Cognitive3D to use the dashboards for your project.

SDK documentation

We have three SDK packages available.

Download the SDK

Read the Docs

API documentation

Limited API documentation is available here. If you require more advanced API documentation for your project please contact us using the Intercom button in the lower right of this (and every) page. We have comprehensive documentation available upon request.

You can learn more about Cognitive3D at our website: Consider signing up for a free account to get started.

intercom If you have a question or any feedback about our documentation please use the Intercom button (purple circle) in the lower right corner of any web page.