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Advanced Analysis

This page gives you very powerful controls to query Event Data and Session Data.

Advanced Mode

There are options for the Query Scope to define what data will be queried - Events, Scenes and Dates. There is also a complex Data Filter to filter by Parameters, Group the results and change Operations to get different types of values from the Query.

top level and data filter and labels

The Data Filter Section offers a branching collection of Filters to further refine your query. A Filter Parameter is made from a Characteristic, an Operator, and usually a Value. Characteristics are generated from Event Properties, Session Properties, and Common Meta Values. Operators allow for logical comparisons to Values. Select Add Row to create a new Filter Parameter.

These Filters are combined with Conditions. The valid options allow AND, OR, and NONE logical expressions. Press New Group to create a new Filter Condition with nested Filter Parameters. It will also create a Group Condition to describe the logical behaviour of how these Conditions combine.

group section

The Group Data Section allows you to group the query results together by a property. If the property is continuous (i.e., a float value) there will also be an Interval field so you can group this data by a range of values. The second Group field allows you to group the query results by date.

operation section

The Operation Section allows you to select the type of results you want from your Query. Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Average Value Operations also display an additional field to select a property.

Run Query will process everything and return a graph to display the results. You can download the result data as a CSV.

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