Glossary of Metrics

Our SDK and dashboard calculate a variety of metrics. These are all labeled within the dashboard, but here is a reference table for each metric:

Metric Definition
Average Gaze Count The average number of times someone looked at this particular object during a session.
Average Gaze Time The average total duration a user looked at this object during a session.
Gaze Ratio The percentage of sessions in which an object was gazed at.
Total Sessions with Object Total number of times this object has been present in a session
Total Engagements with Object Total number of times a user has engaged with this object.
Total User Gazes at Object Total number of seperate gazes at this object, irrespective of gaze time.
Sessions with Engagements Total number of sessions where this object was engaged with at least once.
Sessions with Gaze Total number of sessions where this object was gazed at, at least once.
User Gaze Length Overall time spent gazing at this object by users.
Gaze Instance Duration Average amount of time that one instance of gaze lasts for this object.
Gaze Sequence Average sequence that this object is gazed at.
Time to Gaze Average amount of time before a user gazes at this object.