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Glossary of Metrics

By integrating the SDK, our dashboard will calculate a variety of metrics. This is a summary of our capabilities offered by the platform.

Object Gaze

Object gaze is automatically collected from the head position of the user and calculated into the metrics below. When eye tracking is supported, we use this more accurate data for gaze, and track head position separately for visualization in SceneExplorer.

Metric Definition
Average Gaze Count The average number of times someone looked at this object during a session.
Average Gaze Time The average total duration a user looked at this object during a session.
Gaze Ratio The percentage of sessions in which an object was gazed at.
Total Sessions with Object Total number of times this object has been present in a session
Total User Gazes at Object Total number of separate gazes at this object, irrespective of gaze time.
Sessions with Gaze Total number of sessions where this object was gazed at, at least once.
User Gaze Length Overall time spent gazing at this object by users.
Gaze Instance Duration Average amount of time that one instance of gaze lasts for this object.

Some metrics are only available on a per session basis. These metrics include:

Metric Definition
Gaze Sequence The sequence that this object is first gazed at for a particular session.
Time to Gaze The amount of time before a user gazes at this object for the first time, from session start.

Object Events

The platform can collect object related events and display them in the dashboard alongside the gaze and interaction data. An example of an object event would be 'Purchased Item' or 'Selected Product', which can be directly attributed to an object via proper implementation in the SDK.


These metrics appear on the Objective Results page and are calculated based on the configuration of the Objective and its steps.

Metric Definition
Completions The number of users that completed this step.
Completions (Percentage) The total number of users that completed this step compared to total sessions, represented as a percentage.
Average Step Duration The average time it took users from the last step, to complete this step successfully.
Average Step Completion Time The average time from session start that it took users to successfully complete this step.
Successful Sessions The total number of sessions that completed all steps successfully.
Total Sessions The total number of sessions evaluated against this Objective.
Success Rate The total number of Successful Sessions compared to Total Sessions, represented as a percentage.

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