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Using additional sensors, you can get a detailed snapshot of the participant's physical state. While we don't support specific sensors, we provide a simple API to record sensor data and display this data on SceneExplorer, and record summary metrics such as average, minimum and maximum rates for each sensor to the Session Properties.

If there is sensor data available for a SceneExplorer session, it can be accessed by the sensors tab on the navigation bar.

Graph Display

Code Reference

Recording Sensor Data

Sensors record float values. Please get in touch if you require other data types.

float sensorData = Random.Range(1, 100f);
SensorRecorder.RecordDataPoint("SensorName", sensorData);

The recorded sensor data points are automatically sent with the participant's Gaze and Event data - by default when a new scene is loaded or when the application is quit. For debugging within the Unity Editor, we recommend using the debug hotkey (Shift+F9 by default).

Sensors Namespaces

You can also add name spaces for your different sensors. This helps keep things organized on SceneExplorer.

For example, if you had multiple Heart related sensors attached to your participant, you could nest them under the "Heart" namespace by adding a period between the parent and child elements.

SensorRecorder.RecordDataPoint("Heart.Blood Oxygen", sensorData);


SensorRecorder.RecordDataPoint("Heart.EKG", sensorData);

Results in:

Namespacing Sensors