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Dashboard Features

This page highlights some of the most commonly used features on the Dashboard. Before beginning, here are basic concepts and terminology:


  • A Project contains a collection of related Scenes.
  • In most cases, a Scene is essentially a visual copy of a level from Unity or Unreal.
  • A Participant is someone in VR experiencing your content.
  • A Session begins when a Participant starts the experience and ends when they stop.
  • See more concepts here.


SceneExplorer provides an immersive 3D recording of a Participant's Session. See more details here.

scene explorer

Scene Viewer

Scene Viewer displays aggregated data from multiple Sessions in your scene. See more details here.

scene viewer

Object Explorer

Object Explorer displays aggregated data on each Dynamic Object. See more information here.

object viewer

Project Dashboards

Project Dashboards gives you an overview of your data. Each dashboard provides a different focus from user behaviour, app performance and live operations. See more details here.

project dashboard


Sessions include everything that happened while the Participant was in an experience. There are many properties and events displayed on the Session Details Page. See more information here.

session details


Objectives offer a configurable sequence of required steps. This can be used to evaluate and review common processes you want your Participants to perform. See more here.



This page shows a summary of each Session a Participant completes. This can be used to review performance changes over time. See more information here.


ExitPoll Survey

ExitPoll surveys are used in Unity and Unreal to ask specific questions to Participants during their experience. This page allows you to modify these questions and review answers. See more details here.


Analysis Tool

The Analysis Tool gives you a deep-dive into all the data you have recorded. This can be used for gaining very specific insights. See more here.


Learning Management System Integrations

You can connect Objectives with your external Learning Management Systems (LMS). For more details, see here.


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