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Some immersive applications are built to allow multiple Participants to interact in a shared world. When multiple sessions have the same LobbyId, it allows our system to logically group these sessions together with minimal client side effort.

Networking Structure

The CognitiveVR SDK is not designed to record multiple sessions from a centralized server. It is designed to run on a client.

Lobby Id

A LobbyId connects multiple participant sessions together to display a multiplayer experience. The Lobby Id value should be requested and set before beginning the session. Please get in contact to discuss your implementation details.


An example implementation is as follows:

class LobbyResponse
    public string id;

IEnumerator GetLobbyId(string APIKey)
    LobbyResponse lobbyResponse;
    // Post to Lobbies API
    using (UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post("",""))
        // Add Project APIKey to header
        www.SetRequestHeader("Authorization", "APIKEY:DATA " + APIKey);
        yield return www.SendWebRequest();

        // Get response
        lobbyResponse = JsonUtility.FromJson<LobbyResponse>(www.downloadHandler.text);

    //send to all players

//called on each client to set matching lobby id
void SetLobbyId(string lobbyId)