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Project Validation

Project Validation is a utility tool designed to assist developers in setting up Cognitive3D SDK components and features correctly in Unity Editor. It also helps prevent common issues that could cause data to be collected incorrectly. Serving as a checklist, this tool systematically verifies essential steps to configure components and features, including Cognitive3D manager, tracking space, and scene setup.

Project Validation Window

To open the window, go to your project settings and select Cognitive3D

upload component

Or open through Cognitive3D Menu > Project Validation.

upload component

The project validation window will display a list of items that need attention or have been completed. If an item features a Fix or Apply button, you can click on it to implement the necessary adjustments and modifications within your project. In certain instances, the fix action will automatically make the required changes, while others may necessitate manual setup and adjustments, which will be indicated by clicking the Fix or Apply button.

upload component

Project Validation Item Status

The status of each item is represented by an icon that signifies the priority level of attention required:

Status Status Detail
upload component Requires immediate attention and must be properly fixed and configured. Failure to do so may lead to missing crucial data or inaccurate data collection.
upload component Requires attention but will not result in mis-collecting data. These may include additional components or features that would enhance the project if included.
upload component This item has been successfully completed and set up correctly in the current scene. No further action is needed.

Verify Scenes

The project validation items can be automatically confirmed in each scene included in the build. Before the build process begins, the following verification dialogue will appear:

upload component

You have the option to begin the verification process for scenes listed in the build settings by selecting Yes or to skip verification and continue with the build process by selecting No.

You can also verify the scenes by navigating to upload component, then selecting Verify all build scenes:

upload component

Once the verification process is complete, if any outstanding items remain, the following dialogue will appear:

upload component

Selecting More Details will open the project validation window, directing you to scenes containing items that require attention.

Once all outstanding items have been addressed, the following dialogue will appear:

upload component