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Firewall Settings

Some corporate and university networks may restrict access to API endpoints that are used by Cognitive3D during the normal course of platform use.

Our primary endpoints are as follows:

Services Description URL Port
Data Collector Facilitates scene uploads and data collection processes for Cognitive3D (,,* SSL (TCP 443)
API Facilitates our dashboard web services and other tools. (,,* SSL (TCP 443)

In addition, we provide the following web applications as part of the service

Services Description URL Port
Viewer Advanced 3D visualization tool that runs in WebGL in the browser. SSL (TCP 443)
Dashboard Primary dashboard application, which accesses the API for services. SSL (TCP 443)
Docs Our documentation portal for the SDK and Dashboard. SSL (TCP 443)


  • IP address based exceptions should not be used where possible, as they are subject to change during infrastructure changes, upgrades, or migrations. Last updated: August 15th, 2023
  • Some services such as the and may be accessed by the Unity or Unreal applications directly from the user's computer during the normal course of an integration. These requests include SSL-based GET and POST requests, with custom headers that include an API key.

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