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Third Party SDK Features


In this section, we will cover various additional SDK features that we support. To use these features, you will have to install (or verify the installation of) the appropriate SDK for it, and go into our runtime build file,, and uncomment the lines associated with that SDK.

Meta XR

OculusVR/MetaXR Plugin

Prerequisites for the MetaXR plugin

To make use of the OculusVR/MetaXR plugin features we have in our Cognitive3D SDK, you need to have the correct plugins installed and enabled. For UE4 versions installed from the Epic Games Launcher, you will have to enable OculusVR.


For UE5, you will have to install the correct version of MetaXR integration plugin from the Oculus developer site and follow the instructions on the page to install it.


Activate MetaXR features

Our SDK supports some features of the MetaXR SDK, such as getting room size dimensions, and checking for boundary crossing events. We also track when the passthrough layer has its visibility toggled on and off. To get these features to work, simply go into the file and uncomment the following lines:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "OculusHMD" }); //OculusXRHMD in UE5

MetaXR Social Platform

As of version 1.3.0 of the Unreal SDK, MetaXR platform features are built into the SDK's C++ code, and are implemented as a component of the main Cognitive3D blueprint actor.

Prerequisites for MetaXR Social Platform

Using the Meta Social Platform requires you to have the MetaXR Platform plugin downloaded from the Oculus developer site for the appropriate version of UE5 that you are using and then placing it in the Engine's Marketplace Plugin folder, as per the instructions in the link. This will have to then be activated in the project's Plugin tab.


To use this feature with UE4, you need to use the Oculus-VR fork of UE4 found on the Oculus-VR GitHub repo, which includes an appropriate version of the MetaXR Platform plugin.

Oculus Identity

Oculus Identity can be used to correlate reviews of the game with participants on the dashboards, providing a way to get valuable insights by seeing that participant's sessions and why they would possibly leave a good or bad review for your product.

Subscription Context

Using Meta Social Platform features we are also able to get the entitled user's subscription context for apps that implement subscriptions. We are able to report multiple subscriptions, their durations, when they started and when they will end.

Activate the MetaXR Social Platform features

First and foremost, you need to get your App Id associated with the Meta app you are developing, found on the Meta Developer Dashboard. Once you have that, go to your Unreal Project's Config/DefaultEngine.ini and add these lines at the bottom:


This will ensure your project is able to communicate with the correct Meta Application for platform features. More information about the previous steps can be found on the Oculus developer site.

Meta Social Platform features are implemented as part of the base Cognitive3D SDK in C++, so to activate it, after the plugin is successfully installed, go into and uncomment the following lines:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "OVRPlatform", "OVRPlatformSDK" });
PublicIncludePathModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "OVRPlatformSDK" });
PublicIncludePaths.Add(System.IO.Path.GetFullPath(Target.RelativeEnginePath) + "/Plugins/Marketplace/MetaXRPlatform/Source/OVRPlatformSDK/LibOVRPlatform/include/Windows");
PrivateIncludePaths.Add(System.IO.Path.GetFullPath(Target.RelativeEnginePath) + "/Plugins/Marketplace/MetaXRPlatform/Source/OVRPlatform/Private");

After that, make sure you add the OculusPlatform component to the BP_Cognitive3DActor blueprint so that it can be tracked during runtime.


Prerequisites for PICO XR

To make use of the PICOXR plugin features in our Cognitive3D SDK, you need to go to the PICO developer site and install the PICO Unreal Integration SDK. Put the PICO SDK folders in the project's Plugins folder, next to our Cognitive3D SDK. Enable it in the engine after the folders are placed correctly.


Activate the PICO XR features

Our SDK supports some features of the PICOXR SDK, such as getting room size dimensions, and checking for boundary crossing events. To get these features to work, simply go into the file and uncomment the following lines:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "PICOXRHMD" });

Eye Tracking


To enable OpenXR eye tracking support using the IEyeTracker interface (for example, using Varjo OpenXR), uncomment this line of code:


Vive WaveVR

To enable Vive WaveVR eye tracking support, uncomment these lines of code: