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Updating the SDK

We recommend that you use the latest version of the SDK to get access to the latest features. Based on how you installed and configured your SDK, you can update to the latest version in the following ways.

Installed from Unity Asset Store

If you have installed the SDK from the Unity Asset Store, you can update by pressing the Update button in the Package Manager window. For more details about updating Asset Store packages, see this link.

Added package from git URL

If you have installed the SDK by using Add package from git URL option in the Package Manager window, then you can update the SDK by following these steps:
1. Open the Package Manager window
2. Select In Project from the dropwdown
3. Select Cognitive3D Unity SDK
4. Click on Update in the package details window

git url package update

Cloned git repository and added package from disk

If you installed the SDK by cloning our git repository, then you can update it by following these steps.
1. Open the local repository
2. Run the command git checkout master
3. Run the command git pull

Downloaded zip folder of git repository and added from disk

If you downloaded the zip folder of our repository, then you need to re-download the folder and add it to your Unity project.

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