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This page displays aggregated data from your Scene and a list of all the sessions that have entered this scene. Select the scene to display from the list on the left side.

example scene viewer

Scene Viewer

This shows a 3D representation of your Scene. Data points are visualized as cubes or heatmaps. The colour represents density - the number of Data points within an area. There are several tools for this view:

  • 3D View/Top Down. Changes the method to visualize the aggregated data on the scene.

  • Camera Controls. The camera will orbit around the scene with the left mouse button, pan with the right button and zoom with the scroll wheel.

  • Query Type. Select from the dropdown what type of data you want to see in this view. Press Run Query after you have selected what data to display

  • Vertically Slice Model. This is the slider on the right side. This allows you to hide geometry and data points along the vertical axis. This is mostly used to hide geometry (such as a ceiling) so you can more easily view the data within the geometry.

  • Settings Enable GPU. Enables the GPU for better performance.

  • Visualization. Several options for displaying data. Cube aggregation is often easier to see exactly where data points are in the scene. Heatmap will display data on the surfaces of the scene. There are heatmap settings to adjust the distance and falloff. Object allows you to see cubes and heatmaps on the objects in your scene.

  • Take Screenshot. Takes a screenshot of the current view.

Session List

This page lists all Sessions recorded in this Scene Version. Sessions will have auto-generated names if the Session Name has not been set from the SDK.

From this list, you can click on a session to open the Session Details page, change the Session Tags, download the raw data or open the Session directly in Scene Explorer.

Selecting Sessions

When you select one or more sessions using the checkbox on the left side, options to set Session Tags on multiple sesions appear. You can also delete sessions you have selected.

Reports and CSV

You can generate a summary PDF Report from all Sessions or from Sessions selected in the list. This PDF includes links to Sessions on the Dashboard, average Objective results, total Event counts and average ExitPoll results. You can also directly email the Report based to a User in the Organization or to a custom email.

You can download Gaze and Fixations Data on Dynamic Objects as CSV - these values are averages and totals of various properties per Dynamic Object per Session. If you need to process data in an external editor, this is likely the tool you'll want.

generate session report

Setting Tags

Tags can be created and applied to Sessions on the Dashboard. Press the tag icon on the Session to open the tag dropdown. To change tags on multiple sessions at once, you can select Sessions from the list and use the Add Tag and Remove Tag buttons in the header.

setting tags on session page


Tags can be set during a session from within Unity and Unreal.

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