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Media & 360

Cognitive3D can record gaze on both 360 video, 360 images and 2D videos and photos in your scenes.

See Dashboard Media for uploading and analyzing media. This page details how media is configured in Unity.

Scene Export (Prerequisite)

If you haven't already Exported your scene, you can complete this step via the normal export process through the Scene Setup Window from the Cognitive3D menu.

Add the Media Component in the SDK

You need to add the Media Component to wherever your video or photo is being displayed. This must be placed in conjunction with a Dynamic Object component.

After adding the Media Component, you must select your freshly uploaded media from the dropdown, so we can match the IDs for recording gaze information.

Select Media File

After clicking save, you have to select the video player. If this is a photo, you do not have to set this option.

Here is an example of a fully complete video player with all components: Unity Media Component Complete

360 Videos (Optional)

This method requires Unity 2017.3 or later. All you have to do is open the "360 Setup" available at Cognitive3D 360 Setup.


After selecting your Media file, Media source (which you uploaded to our system in step one) and texture format, you can click on Create to create a simple 360 skybox which will automatically capture participant gaze.