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Media & 360

Cognitive3D can record gaze on both 360 video, 360 images and 2D videos and photos in your scenes.


To add Media to your project:

  • Export and Upload your scene using the normal export process (the Scene Setup Window from the Cognitive3D menu)
  • On the Dashboard, open the Media Library page
  • Press Upload New Media and select the media file you want
  • In Unity, add a Media Component to your GameObject with the media (Note: you will need a meshrenderer on the gameobject if the media is an image or a Video Player if it is a video). This will also add a Dynamic Object component and a Mesh Collider component
  • Press Refresh Media. You will see a list of media that has been uploaded on the Dashboard

Here is an example of a fully complete me with all components:

Unity Media Component Complete

360 Videos

If you are using 360 video, open the 360 Setup from the Cognitive3D menu.

You should complete the first 3 steps above: Upload your scene, open the Media Library page on the Dashboard and Upload your video file.

This window will set the Skybox to play the video and generate a sphere to record the participant's gaze. Ensure that the Main Camera is inside the sphere. At runtime, the sphere will update its position to match that of the camera.