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Dashboard Concepts

Users and Participants

Users refer to the stakeholders and developers using the Dashboard of the Cognitive3D Analytics platform. If you're reading this document, you are a User. Users have various administrative permissions to create, edit, and view your Organization and Projects. Users will upload Scenes from an SDK.

Participants are the individuals that experience your content. In games and entertainment, they would be known as 'Players'. The data on the Dashboard is collected from Participant Sessions.

platform hierarchy


Organizations are a container of Projects and Users. In most situations, this is comparable to a company. An Organization may contain several projects as well as hold organizational permissions.


This is usually comparable to a single application, research study or game.


Scenes are containers that hold static scene geometry, Dynamic Objects, and Session Data.

Many Projects will only have one Scene (in which Participant's Sessions are recorded), but you may require more. For example, your experience may include a 'Tutorial Scene' for instructing your Participants before beginning your 'Main Scene' experience.

This is usually comparable to a scene in Unity or a level in Unreal - it represents a 3D space in which the Participant has an experience. Session Data is only uploaded if the Participant is in the scene/level with a matching SceneId - this setup is done from the SDK. If you are working with Augmented Reality, this Scene will likely be entirely empty.

Scene Version

A new Version of a Scene can be treated like an entirely new Scene. Session Data is uploaded to a specific Version of a specific Scene. Scene Versions are mostly used when first exporting and uploading your scene.


This refers to a specific instance when a Participant begins your experience and Session Data is recorded and sent to our Dashboard. Most of the time you will have one Session while your application is running that ends when the Participant exits your application.

The Participant may travel to multiple Scenes during their Session.

Roles and Permissions

Users on the dashboard may hold different roles and permissions. These can be set when inviting users to your Organization or from the Organization Settings.

Role Permissions
Organization Admin Full access to all Projects and Scenes within an Organization. Ability to manage Organization Users, permissions, and settings
Organization Observer View access to all Projects and Scenes within an Organization
Project Admin Full access to a specific Project and all Scenes contained within. Ability to manage settings for a Project
Project Observer View access to a specific Project and all Scenes contained within