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Using additional sensors, you can get a detailed snapshot of the player's physical or emotional state. We provide a simple API to record sensor data and display this data on SceneExplorer.

If there is sensor data available for a SceneExplorer session, it can be accessed by the sensors tab on the navigation bar.

// Recording sensor data can be done in one line. Sensor labels are arbitrary.
c3d.sensor.recordSensor('heartRate',  70);
c3d.sensor.recordSensor('skinTemperature', 33.5 );

// You can change the batch size of sensor data at run time if needed:
c3d.config('sensorDataLimit', 3);

// Additional sensor readings can be made indefinitely:
c3d.sensor.recordSensor('heartRate',  72);
c3d.sensor.recordSensor('skinTemperature', 33.2 );

c3d.sensor.recordSensor('heartRate',  68);
c3d.sensor.recordSensor('skinTemperature', 33.1 );