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This page allows you to manage administration tasks, such as Users, Role Permissions, Audit Logs, Attribution Keys, and the LMS configuration. It also lets you change personal account settings, such as your name, password, and multi-factor authentication.

administration page

Manage Members

This displays a list of all Users in the Organization. This includes their User Name, Email, Last Login, MFA Status, and Roles. The Invite Team Members button will display a popup to add a User by Email and set their Role.

users and roles

From this page you can change the User's Role. This includes setting Roles on specific Projects in the Organization.

Audit Log

This page shows a list of all actions performed on the Dashboard. This includes Creating API keys, Uploading Dynamic Objects, Creating PDF Reports, Inviting Users, and more. This is helpful for tracking which users are active on the project and how the project has changed over time.

This page is limited to Domain Administrators and Organization Administrators.

audit log

Attribution Keys

This is where you can create, view, edit, and delete attribution keys.

attribution keys

LMS Configurations

This is where you can configure your Learning Management System.

learning management system

Session Tags

Configure the organization's Session Tags to help mark and filter sessions.

session tag page

Custom Single Sign-On

This feature is available on the Enterprise plan only. Here you can configure your custom single sign-on connection. We support 30+ different Identity Providers, as well as generic SAML, SCIM, and OpenID Connect. Learn More

User Profile

Edit Account Details allows you to change your basic user information such as Name and Email.

Edit Security Details allows you to change your password.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable TOTP- or SMS-based multi-factor authentication for your account. This is an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. Learn More